Medallia’s award-winning SaaS platform, the Medallia Experience Cloud, leads the market in the understanding and management of experience for customers, employees and citizens.

Medallia captures experience signals created on daily journeys in person, digital and IoT interactions and applies proprietary AI technology to reveal personalized and predictive insights that can drive action with tremendous business results.

Using Medallia Experience Cloud, customers can reduce churn, turn detractors into promoters and buyers, and create in-the-moment cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, providing clear and potent returns on investment.


Improve the experiences delivered by your organization to every stakeholder through industry-leading text analysis capabilities that parse through historically inaccessible data sets and identify areas for improvement. 


Integrate your customer feedback management (CFM) with your customer relationship management (CRM) to acquire a sole source of truth for what you know about the outside world and what the world thinks of your organization. 


Drive precision interactions at the right moment and channel to maximize signal capture and pair with operational data sets to capture the full 360 view of customers. 



Combine CRM and CFM to create a sole source of truth for your organization


Organizations in today’s world have come to realize the importance of creating a customer experience focus across the entirety of their firms. One of the largest impediments to creating true customer-centricity has historically been the relationship management and experience management platforms lived separately from one another. This seemingly small divide had led to a significant disconnect between the teams within organizations that focus on what they know about the customer (CRM) and what the customer thinks of them (CFM). 

Acumen Solutions brings the expertise needed to combine Medallia and Salesforce to bridge this disconnect with the first managed package designed to combine insights from both platforms into whichever platform teams prefer. This combined data functions as a sole source of truth to present and orient an organization around its customers and truly differentiate it from its less attuned competitors. We are the first firm to myopically focus on combining these two disciplines and supporting platforms to deliver to customers the power of both in a digestible and easy to understand format made possible by our industry leading technology partners.

Operating in a world with incredibly valuable data stuck in silos without the ability to drive action, is no longer a challenge in Customer Experience. Learn how Medallia and Salesforce can be seamlessly joined to enrich the overall Customer experience and actionability of data by partnering with Acumen Solutions.