Go beyond SaaS to PaaS and IaaS to leverage the true time to market and cost benefits the cloud has to offer.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionalities to help businesses scale and grow.

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Acumen Solutions focuses on helping enterprise and public sector clients design, build, migrate, and manage their AWS deployments to reduce complexity and maximize value. Our expertise extends across next-generation infrastructure, custom development, advanced analytics, enterprise data management, and telephony. 

Our team of certified consultants supports the following AWS solution areas:
  • Analytics
  • Batch Processing & Business Applications
  • Big Data
  • Database & Data Warehouse
  • Dev & Test
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Mobile
  • Security & Compliance
  • Value (Cost Savings/TCO)
  • Web & Web Apps
Together, Acumen Solutions and AWS offer clients three key value-added benefits:
Slash Time to Delivery
Reduce Costs
Drive Efficiency


Amazon Connect + Salesforce Service Cloud

Regardless of who your organization serves, contact centers have shifted from a “low-touch” channel to one that can make or break the service experience. The ease of use when calling in for support can have a tremendous impact on how an organization is perceived. Telephony, an essential piece of contact centers, traditionally required a year to complete using expensive on-premise resources and proprietary hardware. 

Amazon Connect, a cloud-based contact center telephony solution, provides a suite of advanced self-service telephony tools and takes minutes to set up, is entirely cloud-based, and operates on a pay-for-use model. 

Acumen Solutions helps customers connect Amazon Connect and Salesforce Service Cloud so they can fully integrate customer databases and other business intelligence information with their telephony solution. Doing so makes the following possible for the organization: 

  • Agent Productivity
  • Process Automation
  • Omni-Channel Service
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Telephony Integration

When telephony and call center CRM systems work together, organizations can provide the kind of service that meets and exceeds growing customer expectations. 

Sales Acceleration

Data Archival and Back-Up

Enterprises shifting to cloud-based CRM and other operational systems encounter challenges in managing data storage, backup, archiving and recovery. Rich, multimedia customer experiences and robust interaction histories drive up data volumes and the associated costs. 

Fortunately, there are safe, efficient, and cost effective alternatives for organizations to help mitigate these storage issues. Acumen Solutions has developed a solution utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows organizations to back up, archive, and recover mission critical data - eliminating the need for large storage within the CRM or other operational systems. The solution operates in real time, and without cumbersome external processes or additional on-premise technology investment. 

Our AWS Storage and Recovery solution allows organizations to seamlessly extract, back up and recover data securely, efficiently, and for pennies on the dollar compared to data storage costs for today’s cloud based enterprise solutions. 

We want to help you find where you can save money AND have peace of mind, knowing that your data and metadata can be accessed in real time in the case of any unforeseen outage or disruption. 
Sales Acceleration

Turnkey DevOps  

Acumen Solutions has developed a model to baseline an organization’s current level of maturity, and can provide actionable recommendations to evolve their approach. 

We focus on four key tenets:
  • Infrastructure as code: aligning the provisioning of standardized configurations via an automated process defined by code.
  • Automated testing: ensuring quality is automatically assessed early and often in the pipeline - from commit, to build, to release - including system integration, performance, and security testing.
  • Frequent releases: fostering greater agility of the solution and alignment with end-users and value to the business through smaller and more frequent releases.
  • Dynamic infrastructure: elastically creating and destroying environments based on components of DevOps including monitoring, testing and deployment.

      Education Solutions

Since 2011, the Education Team at Acumen Solutions has worked to ensure that students, parents, teachers, and administrators engage in better decision making through access to timely and robust data. We have worked with large national nonprofits, CMOs, and individual schools to build custom solutions to solve complex technology challenges.  
Our Amazon Web Services Education experience includes:
  • School Finder Solution: a public facing website that allows families to view school information and search for what options are the best fit for their students.
  • Student Information System (SIS) Integrations: a custom ETL process used by districts to maintain up-to-date enrollment data aligning the provisioning of standardized configurations via an automated process defined by code.
  • Student Assignment Algorithm: districts with a “single best offer” enrollment policy leverage a version of the Gale-Shapley algorithm to ensure this process is equitable.
  • Amazon Connect: Acumen Solutions has experience implementing Connect in the Education space to improve the family support process. 

To learn more about our Amazon Web Services work in Education, see how Midland Independent School District (TX) is using AWS to help streamline student enrollment and how Enroll Indy is using AWS to facilitate an equitable enrollment process in Indianapolis. To learn more about our education work, please visit our Education industry page.