Mobile Solution Helps Sales Reps Close Deals with Real-Time Contract Generation and In-Person eSignature

Mclean, VA & San Francisco (Business Wire) -- Acumen Solutions, the trusted leader in Enterprise Cloud Transformation, and DocuSign, the global standard for eSignature, announced that Comcast, one of the nation's leading providers of information and communications products and services, is using their jointly developed solution for Apple iPads to increase the mobile productivity of the Comcast Business Services field sales team. DocuSign and Acumen Solutions are helping Comcast expedite contract generation, automation, and eSignature to delight customers, reduce costs, and accelerate business results.

“The speed, security, and convenience of the solution from Acumen Solutions and DocuSign helps our field sales team deliver an industry-leading customer experience,” said Todd Goodbinder, vice president, Comcast Business Services. “Using iPads, our field sales team now closes deals on the spot – accelerating our sales cycle to increase the number of sales closed per week and revenue booked per month – all while decreasing the need for repeat customer visits.”

The Comcast Business Services field sales team engages with customers using the iPad as a conversation piece and closing tool. The team saves time and money by closing deals immediately during face-to-face interactions with customers. Utilizing their cloud based CRM application data, mobile access to email, and calendars with the ability to schedule and track progress with prospects, the app helps field sales representatives create quotes and generate proposals. Further, DocuSign’s easy to use mobile eSignature app eliminates the need to fax, scan, or mail signed paper documents so customers can sign on the spot – anytime, anywhere. DocuSign’s workflow automation and tight integration with Salesforce helps get new customers up and running with Comcast Business Services even faster.

“We have many years of deep expertise in the cable industry implementing strategic on premise to cloud integrations that help streamline business operations and improve customer service,” explained Brian O’Rourke, managing director, at Acumen Solutions. “We recognize that enterprise mobility is a rapidly evolving industry and we look forward to supporting Comcast in their journey.”

“We’re excited to team up with Acumen Solutions to provide Comcast Business Services with a powerful solution that helps Comcast’s field sales team close more deals,” said Neil Hudspith, chief revenue officer, DocuSign. “The launch of DocuSign’s eSignature solution highlights Comcast’s commitment to innovation that delights customers.”

The solution from Acumen Solutions and DocuSign helps:

  • Generate contracts – Users pull data from the Salesforce CRM application and may generate multiple contracts or quotes as one package for eSignature.
  • Speed contract execution – Field sales reps can close more deals faster and earn revenue sooner.
  • Increase sales rep productivity – The solution eliminates time consuming tasks including manual preparation of contracts, sending documents for signature, and following up to close deals.
  • Integrate with business systems – The integration with Salesforce helps automate workflows and accelerate business processes.
  • Delight customers – Using the solution, Comcast enhances customer satisfaction with the anytime, anywhere convenience of mobile signing.

Acumen Solutions and DocuSign have been providing Comcast Business Services with business and technical support services since 2007. By leveraging cloud-based sales applications, the implementation and IT teams were able to focus their efforts on the mobility components and maximize the complex lead and opportunity management solution in place. Comcast Business Services has 1,200 field sales reps utilizing this solution as of December 2012.


June 03, 2013