Increase sales and conversion through personalized, meaningful engagement.

Retailers spend millions on advertising to help build brand awareness.  Multiple retailers and brands bombard customers with generic messages on a daily basis, without gaining increased conversion or loyalty. Creating targeted and personalized engagement is the only way to truly connect. Customers are willing to invest their time in providing essential profile information – as long as they derive real value and a quality customer experience in exchange.

Our Retail/CPG solutions focus on apps that drive mobile engagement, advanced CRM solutions, and emerging IOT technologies. Clients choose Acumen Solutions because we deliver success through powerful BI and analytics to convert brand awareness into increased sales and loyalty by providing a 360-degree view of customer preferences and behaviors.

Drive Loyalty
Improve targeted marketing response rates
Increase Profitability
Enrich customer loyalty experience
Enable New Sales Channels
Accelerate new customer identification

RETAIL/CPG Offerings

Sales Acceleration

Omni-Channel Strategy

When customers ask a question via your branded web channel, but ask for an update via mobile, are you able to continue the conversation? Customers can engage your brand across multiple channels including web, mobile, store and call center. Regardless of how your customers start a conversation, they expect the history and context to carry forward into future interactions. That's a tall order to fulfill for most retailers that have different teams and systems for each channel.

With a 360-degree view of customer preferences and behaviors, retailers can tailor a shopping experience to make the most of any store visit. By implementing state-of-the-art CRM technologies, retailers can not only track all customer interactions, but facilitate robust and meaningful conversations that increase loyalty, brand awareness, sales, and conversion. We create a level of excellence in customer experience that helps retailers solve problems quickly and seamlessly across all channels.

Sales Acceleration

In-Store Engagement and Insights

80% of consumers research online, but 75% still prefer to shop in-store. Anticipate your shoppers’ needs before you engage with them. Real-time sales processes, techniques, and tools improve your ability to transform missed sales interactions into meaningful and memorable mobile moments for the customer - resulting in increased customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, and stronger brand loyalty.

Customer engagement experts at Acumen Solutions leverage cloud and mobile technologies to create more meaningful and profitable interactions with customers. We enable you to better understand customer preferences and behaviors using beacon technologies. Our In-Store Engagement solution leverages mCommerce, predictive offer recommendations, guided selling, and self-service order capture. We increase conversion by 35%, while creating a real-time, satisfying experience for your customers.

Sales Acceleration

Competitive Intelligence

Your customers, both current and former, say a lot about you. They probably share more about you to others than they do with you. The same is true of your competitors. How well do you really understand how you're perceived in the marketplace? How do you stack up against your competition?

We implement industry-leading natural language processing tools to allow companies to truly understand their brand's perception in the marketplace. We help our customers select and then refine the attributes that matter so they can make decisions based on accurate insights. By knowing your competitors' strengths and weaknesses organizations can shape their product, marketing, and sales strategies to win. Our clients make an extraordinary leap forward in strategy, processes, and performance. We are a global consultancy that unlocks each client’s vast and untapped potential.