Citizens have questions. Are you providing timely, useful answers?

Every government agency has its own stated vision, while citizens just know that they need help. But when they seek information from the government, they first must navigate to the right agency, find the right contact number, and then call at the right time in order to gain an answer.

There is an incredible opportunity for government agencies to engage citizens and be responsive to their needs. We're working with government agencies to create a personalized citizen experience, built on prior interactions with government as a whole. Government agencies choose Acumen Solutions because when it comes to cloud technologies, one thing matters most, experience delivers success. 

Drive Loyalty
Increase citizen engagement touchpoints based on their preferences
Increase Profitability
Listen to citizen questions and provide meaningful answers
Enable New Sales Channels
Communicate information about which BENEFITS a citizen qualifies FOR


Federal Civilian Agencies

Acumen Solutions has been recognized as the leader in cloud implementations in the public sector for over a decade. Former Federal CIO, Vivek Kundra recognized several of Acumen Solutions’ projects as models for cloud computing. Each of these solutions streamlines business processes focusing on the improvement of agencies’ efficiency.

The CIO Council released a report on the State of Cloud Computing in the Federal Government that specifically references three Acumen Solutions' projects as successful cloud computing case studies (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Securities and Exchange Commission, and the U.S. Army).

We help agencies implement cloud, mobile, and contact center technologies leveraging secure cloud-based platforms. A few examples: 

  • Property Disposal Case Management
  • Cross Agency Correspondence Management
  • Federal Citizen Information Centers
  • Constituent Interaction Management
  • Migrating from legacy Oracle and Siebel platforms modern cloud based multi-channel contact centers
  • Lotus Notes to cloud platform migrations
  • Custom application development for multiple agencies
Sales Acceleration

State and Local

We work with state and local governments to improve education, drive economic development, and promote workforce development. By leveraging secure, cloud-based platforms, Acumen Solutions makes critical systems such as contact centers and correspondence management more citizen-centric. We implement CRM, mobile, and cloud based technologies to build citizen engagement applications such as 311, citizen self-service portals, and mobile applications.

We work with Economic Development agencies to support Jobs/Job Creation solutions that include:

  • Business recruitment and retention
  • Grants/incentive management
  • Property management/GIS integration
  • License and permitting/code enforcement
  • Workforce Development & Recruiting
Sales Acceleration

Department of Defense and Intelligence

Acumen Solutions is actively assisting the Department of Defense (DoD) with their movement towards next generation cloud-computing solutions. We are leveraging our past experiences with commercial clients and federal civilian agencies to help the DoD maximize the benefits of cloud computing.

Our focus on enterprise cloud solutions is the ideal match for the DoD, as we are able to leverage our business and technology skills to bring innovative solutions that provide a wide range of benefits including:

  • Improved workplace efficiency
  • Streamlined recruiting process
  • Improved reporting through real-time analytics
  • Mobile solutions to accommodate a distributed workforce
  • Increased social collaboration in the workplace for greater information sharing

Acumen Solutions is a Salesforce Top 10 Partner. With over 1,000 Salesforce certifications, and 2,000+ successful Salesforce projects, Acumen Solutions is the trusted advisor for the DoD's enterprise cloud projects.