Edge out the competition by balancing strategic project execution with efficient talent management.

Professional Services firms are built on utilizing their skilled and knowledgeable workforce to deliver high-quality results for their clients. As more and more Professional Services firms move towards value-oriented business models, they must adapt in order to remain customer-centric by positioning their employees as not only service providers, but also long-term advisors. In order to exceed client expectations while maintaining profitability, Professional Services firms are turning to innovative cloud solutions to help them gain better business insights, retain key talent, and tackle complex global projects. 
Our Professional Services solutions focus on driving successful project delivery, proposal/bid management, and employee engagement. We offer tailored applications and tools that streamline the sales and project execution processes unique to the Professional Services industry, allowing you to expand your services into new markets, protect your hard-earned margin, and improve the quality of your customers' experiences with your organization. Our team has a proven track record of success working with not only traditional Professional Services firms, but also with businesses operating in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) space. Let us help you find the right mix of technology to transform your business.  
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Professional Services offerings

Project Management App Suite

Efficient project management is crucial to Professional Services firms. Our Project Management solution is tailored specifically to tackle the ever-shifting challenges faced by the Professional Services industry such as properly identifying risks, adhering to project timelines, and analyzing project performance.
To support your project managers and professionals, our solution capabilities are established on the Force.com platform as an agility layer between your users and back-office systems such as ERP, financial systems, or individual project management tools. This allows increasing business capability and capacity while integrating with static systems. Our solution expands management of opportunities, contract and project data on the Salesforce platform, and adds capabilities such as go/no-go management, personnel management, project deliverables, safety, health, and environment (SH&E) governance, and reference resources. This combination of capabilities is all readily accessible to your project personnel, accelerating project execution and making it much easier for your employees to leverage hard-earned best practices and gain insight into common project trends.
Our solution also incorporates built-in risk assessment and approval processes, vastly reducing the time and effort it takes to advance projects, deliver comparable projects, and onboard new project managers. Ultimately, all the data generated from these processes, including historic project data, is stored in one centralized platform that grants a unified view of past project success.

Bid and Proposal Management App Suite

Our Bid and Proposal Management solution has powerful estimation tools that allow project managers to plan the most accurate proposals by granting them visibility into the best, most cost-effective, and available resources for the project. In doing so, win rates are increased due to more competitive bids that reflect actual time-phased resource costs paired with accurate revenue models. Additionally, built-in approvals with mobile capability allow for rapid reviews of outstanding items, improving the rate at which bids and proposals can be generated.
When your bid managers are spending too much time prepping one-off bids or bids that do not comply with pricing models, your win rate will suffer. For Professional Services firms, it is imperative that bid and proposal pricing incorporates risks that are identified upfront, potential impacts are monetized, and issues are brought up to project governance in a timely manner. This ensures your bids are properly sized and your margins are protected before execution begins.

People Profiles

In the Professional Services industry, your employees represent the best your firm has to offer. Making sure that the right talent is staffed on the right project is crucial to capturing business and project success. Our People Profiles solution is a lightweight application, installable into any Salesforce organization, that allows business development professionals, proposal managers, and resource managers to search and book the most appropriate employees for projects based on skills, work experience, and availability.   
Within our People Profiles solution, employee resumes are digitized and can be printed or directly exported for use in proposals. Employees profiles can be integrated with LinkedIn or any Human Capital Management (HCM) system. Profiles can also be managed and updated by the employees themselves in real-time. This data is then made available directly within Salesforce Sales Cloud for use in Dealer Support Requests, within our Resume Generator for Key/Named Resource inclusion in proposals, and within Resource Management to permit soft and hard bookings of talent. With our People Profiles solution, talent distributed across disparate offices become better connected to business development professionals and bid managers, improving utilization and ensuring the right subject matter experts are there to win the job.  

Voice of the Employee

Large organizations realize that employee turnover is a problem, but are they shifting to a more prescriptive and personalized engagement strategy? In an industry built on attracting and retaining key talent, how can Professional Services employers rein in their attrition rates? 
Acumen Solutions’ Voice of the Employee solution leverages advanced analytics and AI to help businesses better understand the drivers of employee satisfaction. Our Workforce Landscape Analysis identifies key workforce statistics and metrics, while our Predictive Attrition Driver Analytics can help businesses uncover why employees are leaving before they make the decision to leave. Businesses can also utilize Smart Sourcing to expand performance analytics to include application tracking systems and resume data, allowing recruiters to target specific skills and attributes that lead to higher performing, longer tenured employees.