Top hospitality companies deliver one-of-a-kind service before their guests even arrive. Are you one of them?

Modern travelers expect authentic experiences stemming from engaging and personalized service. With increasing digitalization, there is more customer data out there than ever before for hospitality companies to harness. Having the right tools to turn all that disjointed customer data into useful insights is the key differentiator. 
Our hospitality solutions focus on driving advanced analytics, mobile technology, and emerging IoT technologies in order to help hospitality companies provide the best service for their guests. We assemble and implement sophisticated customer profile building tools, marketing campaign/promotion systems, and lead management/nurture applications to help hospitality businesses define and automate customer personalization across all channels. In doing so, hospitality organizations can offer guests a more unique travel experience based on a 360-degree view of the customer.
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Build Brand Loyalty
Increase Profitability
Drive mobile engagement
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360-degree view of the customer

HOSPitality offerings

Omni-Channel Strategy

When guests ask a question via your web channel but ask for an update via mobile, are you able to continue the conversation? Regardless of how your guests start a conversation, they expect the history and context of that conversation to carry forward into future interactions. That's a tough expectation to fulfill for most hospitality organizations because they tend to have different teams and systems for each channel of communication.
Customer engagement experts at Acumen Solutions leverage cloud and mobile technologies to help you create more meaningful and profitable interactions with your guests. We help organizations use agile cloud-based technologies to not only track all guest interactions but also to facilitate robust and meaningful communication regardless of who is responding to that guest. We create a low-effort service experience by helping care agents and customers solve problems quickly and seamlessly across channels. We help to ensure that every customer “touch point” is a positive customer service opportunity.

Competitive Intelligence

Your customers, both current and former, say a lot about you. They probably share more about you than they share with you. The same is true of your competitors. How well do you really understand the way you are perceived in the marketplace? How do you stack up against your competition?
We implement industry-leading natural language processing tools to truly understand your brand's perception in the marketplace. We help our customers select and then refine the attributes that matter, so you can make decisions based on accurate insights. Knowing your competitors' strengths and weaknesses helps shape winning product, marketing, and sales strategies. Clients choose Acumen Solutions because they know that when it comes to cloud solutions, one thing matters most: experience delivers success.

Voice of the Employee

Large organizations realize that employee turnover is a problem, but are they shifting to a more prescriptive and personalized engagement strategy? Hospitality companies specifically experience some of the highest employee turnover rates of any industry due to the perceived seasonality of jobs as well as the employment of a generally younger workforce. How can hospitality employers rein in their attrition rates? 
Acumen Solutions’ Voice of the Employee solution leverages advanced analytics and AI to help businesses better understand the drivers of employee satisfaction. Our Workforce Landscape Analysis identifies key workforce statistics and metrics, while our Predictive Attrition Driver Analytics can help businesses uncover why employees are leaving before they make the decision to leave. Businesses can also utilize Smart Sourcing to expand performance analytics to include application tracking systems and resume data, allowing recruiters to target specific skills and attributes that lead to higher performing, longer tenured employees. 

Franchisee Engagement

The competitive lanscape of the hospitality industry is changing rapidly. Many companies are increasingly moving towards consolidation with multiple brand acquisitions among top hospitality businesses. With consolidation comes new challenges of both opening new properties and managing existing properties that are under a different brand with different business processes.

Hospitality experts at Acumen Solutions implement cloud solutions that provide a unified view of the hotel opening process and allows corporate leadership to automatically generate region and brand-specific tasks for newly opened hotels. Completion of tasks is then tracked regionally to determine which properties are most or least compliant with corporate brand standards. This process is fully scalable and promotes increased efficiency, better bi-directional communication, and clearer information tracking.