Patient care transcends multiple providers, payers, and now do-it-yourself healthcare apps.

The transformation from activity-based healthcare, to a hyper focus on healthcare outcomes, requires healthcare players to collect, share, and ultimately analyze unprecedented volumes of information. Outcomes-based healthcare requires patient engagement, provider collaboration, and payee transparency. Acumen Solutions delivers success for the Health and Life Science through cloud technology solutions and consultancy.

Drive Loyalty
Anticipate patient needs and engage proactively on health and wellness
Increase Profitability
Use analytics to unlock data and identify areas of opportunity
Enable New Sales Channels
Improve patient satisfaction scores


Sales Acceleration

Patient Engagement

Defining patient profiles, mapping out care journeys, and creating personalized wellness campaigns are an essential part of personalized patient care. Doing that on scale that touches millions of patients requires marketing automation. Today's marketing automation tools do more than direct email campaigns - they also allow you to capture patient preference information and use that to execute business rules that drive engagement.

Acumen Solutions’ strategic Salesforce architects take time to understand your unique business needs before tailoring Salesforce to achieve definable business goals. We help you assemble and implement sophisticated patient profile building tools, do-it-yourself healthcare applications, and outreach/advisory systems. We help you define and automate personalized patient engagement across multiple channels so you understand how patients engage with you as well as other providers and payers.

Sales Acceleration

Patient Initiated Service

Patients expect providers and payers to communicate behind the scenes to provide seamless care. When patients ask a question via a web channel, but ask for an update via phone, are you able to continue the conversation? Regardless of how your patients start a conversation, they expect the history and context to carry forward into future interactions. It is a tall order for providers and payers that have different teams and different systems.

By leveraging secure, cloud-based platforms, Acumen Solutions makes critical systems such as contact centers and correspondence management more patient-centric. We help companies across the care continuum to use CRM technologies to not only track all patient interactions, but to facilitate robust and meaningful communicationsregardless of who is responding to that patient. We create a low-effort service experience that helps healthcare providers answer inquiries quickly and seamlessly.

Sales Acceleration

Remote Service Management for Connected Products

Sophisticated analytics tools and connected devices have changed the landscape of what we know about the health of our equipment in the field. You have volumes of data that actually enable you to predict your equipment's need for service before the equipment fails.

Acumen Solutions takes your business to the next level by addressing practical business challenges with industry best practices and an eye on innovation. We help implement analytics tools, IoT technologies, and business processes that allow medical systems manufacturers to change their service model from customer initiated to predictive. We capture known indicators for service and proactively initiate customer service actions to provide an unprecedented level of customer service, while dramatically reducing downtime.

Sales Acceleration

Medical Manufacturing Sales

Traditional CRM implementations isolate contact management and opportunity management; they don't support the full sales process. Sales teams sell using an end-to-end lead to cash process encompassing the entire sales lifecycle—from lead management, to lead conversion, contact/account/opportunity management, product and/or service configuration, pricing, quoting, contract negotiation and execution, invoicing, billing, orders, revenue recognition, and renewals.

With over 1,000 Salesforce implementations across the globe, Acumen Solutions has earned one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings among cloud consultancies (9.5 out of 10). We help you automate Lead to Cash by integrating CRM, Pricing, CPQ (configure, price quote), and CLM (contract lifecycle management) solutions. Our customers see dramatic results in increased lead conversion, quota attainment, deal size, and quotes generated, while significantly shortening the sales process and reducing the number of interactions to close.