Boundaries between network operators, content providers, and media companies have blurred.

Global operators continue to invest billions in upgrading their infrastructure to support the ever-growing usage of data hungry apps and content delivery services. The entire industry is transforming to keep pace with increased customer expectations. High-speed delivery, quality content, and a variety of media channels no longer differentiate you from your competition. Companies must focus on customer satisfaction, new revenue streams, such as IoT, and more efficient service delivery to support growth.

Acumen Solutions' experience in Communications and Media allows us to deliver successful solutions that work within the confines of legacy billing and care systems, fragile IT architectures, and an abundance of channel centric CRM systems to create a meaningful view of the customer. We help integrate complex CRM, BI, and billing systems to allow marketing, sales, and customer service organizations to enable seamless and personalized support across the customer lifecycle. We help you use that information to quickly create products and services that wow customers.

Drive Loyalty
IncreaseD sales velocity resulting in increased revenue and lower cost of saLes
Increase Profitability
Increased customer loyalty and advocacy - higher market share
Enable New Sales Channels
New revenue sources by monetizing data and insights


Sales Acceleration

Customer Initiated Service

When customers ask a question via your web channel, but ask for an update via mobile, are you able to continue the conversation? Regardless of how your customers start a conversation, they expect the history and context to carry forward into future interactions. This is a tall order for most communications and media companies that have different teams and technologies for each channel.

Customer engagement experts at Acumen Solutions leverage cloud and mobile technologies to create more meaningful and profitable interactions with customers. We help organizations use agile cloud-based technologies to not only track all customer interactions, but to facilitate robust and meaningful communications regardless of who is responding to that customer. We create a low-effort service experience helping care agents and customers solve problems quickly and seamlessly across channels.

Sales Acceleration

Personalized Customer Offers

Customers are now free to choose who they purchase their media content from, as well as how they want it delivered. Providers that anticipate their customers' needs engender more loyalty. Real-Time sales processes, techniques, and tools improve your ability to transform potentially routine sales interactions into meaningful and memorable moments for the customer resulting in increased customer satisfaction, revenue generation, sales productivity, and deal size.

We enable your business, residential, direct, and indirect sales teams to better understand compelling buying moments and communicate your value proposition. Cloud solutions integrated with backend ERP systems allow companies to directly influence their customers' buying decisions by determining customer preferences and behaviors collected from every interaction. Our Real-Time Sales solution leverages mCommerce, predictive offer recommendations, guided selling, and self-service order capture. We increase sales while creating a real-time, satisfying experience for your customers.

Sales Acceleration

Remote Service Management for Field Service

Sophisticated analytics tools and connected devices have changed the landscape of what we know about the health of our equipment in the field. You have volumes of data that actually enables you to predict your equipment's need for service before the equipment fails.

We help implement analytics tools, IoT technologies, and business processes that allow companies with large field service forces to change their service model from customer-initiated to predictive. We capture known indicators for service and proactively initiate customer service actions to provide an unprecedented level of customer service, while dramatically reducing downtime. Clients choose Acumen Solutions because they know that when it comes to cloud solutions, one thing matters most: experience delivers success.

Sales Acceleration

Integrating Legacy Systems

Meeting business demands for new technology across the organization requires integration platforms that facilitate data to flow between CRM, order management, and billing systems without disrupting data integrity.

Subject matter experts at Acumen Solutions take time to understand your unique business needs before tailoring Salesforce to achieve definable business goals. We help communications operators automate manual processes to increase sales velocity, reduce fall-out, improve customer care and enable marketing effectiveness. We break down the silos with an operator, and enable automation and integration. We replace rigid point to point connections between traditional OSS and BSS systems with more modern, flexible, and scalable integration platforms that minimize, and even eliminate, the need for customized code to share data between systems.